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my art block is gone…let’s see how long it takes to come back.

Lots of practice doodles tonight… These were my favorites. 

If you gotta shut up some annoying ho…do it the Ginger Rogers way.

Goldie’s inna-woods survival checklist:

If you’re like me and like to get lost in the woods, here’s the shit you absolutely need:

  • First of all, make sure you are in the right state of mind. This won’t be leisurely, this will be hard work, keeping your wits about you, survival, and adapting. You need to be prepared for anything from predators to injury to bad weather. The point is to enjoy yourself, but remember you are in the WILD.


  1. Backpack - Should be large, multi-compartment, with padded shoulders, and weather/waterproof.
  2. Water - Humans can only go 3 days without water in strenuous environments. Be sure to bring 3-4 liters and use sparingly.
  3. Food - Humans can go 3 weeks without meals, some can only go 3 days before passing out from malnourishment.
    -Pack dry foods that give energy (trailmix, nuts, berries, dried fruit, cereal for energy),
    -foods that are pre-packaged and do not need to be cooked (dried meats!!!),
    -fruits like apples, bananas and peaches,
    -canned foods that can be easily heated over a flame, these are —best suited during supper when you are settled,
    -Coffee!!! can be made in the mornings and gives you the boost you need to start the day early (packets of sugar and creamer if necessary)
    -remember to pack enough for how many days you will be gone, nothing worse than going hungry in the wild (but I will reference finding food later on)
  4. Cooking and fire - (2) lighters,
    -magnesium starter/tinder kit (small and easily packed),
    -small coffee pot + cup(s),
    -camping pot or suspended pot tripod
  5. Light - -fully charged flashlight
    - back-up batteries (you will thank me for this)
  6. Sleep - -backpacking tent (1-2 peoples) (ultralight weatherproof)
    -ultra-light sleeping bag(s)
  7. Important clothing - -Gloves will come in handy for gathering wood and handling pots.
    -Of course, socks and undies so you don’t feel like a dirty hobo. —-Keep a rain-slick on hand and a light waterproof windbreaker just in case (even if it’s warm out, you will need to be prepared for unexpected weather)
  8. Hygiene - -Kleenex bags come in mighty handy for your bumbum (as well as first-aid)
    -toothbrush and toothpaste (the creatures of the forest dont want your stank breath polluting their home)
    -bar soap or wet-wipes(wash ya stank ass in the creek)
  9. Cutting/defense - -fixed-blade/full tang knife OR bowie knife
    -Swiss army knife because you will need that shit
  10. General necessities - -lensatic compass
    -map of your route (only if you have no fucking clue where you’re headed and how to get back)
    -small towel/cloth
  11. First-Aid - -field dressing/quikclot
    -antibacterial ointment
    -painkillers (midol/motrin)
    -diarrhea pills (not joking)
    -gauze or surgical tape
  • I will make a guide to finding food and healing herbs/plants at another time. For now, just don’t eat anything you see growing out of the ground unless you’re absolutely sure you wont fuck up and kill yourself.

Remember Goldie’s words of wisdom…IMPROVISE, don’t act like a FUCKING IDIOT around wild animals, BLEND IN, and KEEP YOUR WITS! 

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I’m on my way

sounds like my kinda party.

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Princess Amalia of the Netherlands and Princess Aiko of Japan

Princess Amalia of the Netherlands and Princess Aiko of Japan

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spirited away is about rescuing your idiot parents from pig hell, a trial we must all face while growing up

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